Biosimulation II

Graduate course, BMES-673, 2018

Biomedical engineering is at the interface of mathematics, engineering, and biology / medicine. This course is the second in the Biosimulation sequence on the mathematical analysis of biomedical engineering systems. It will emphasize numerical methods for simulation to analyze models and generate predictions. As a whole, this course will provide the foundations for computer modeling and mathematical analysis of biomedical engineering systems. The numerical methods that are presented in this course are not only useful for general problems throughout science and engineering, but also helpful for complex computational problems involved in biological and biomedical domains. By studying numerical methods students can become more informed users of the underlying numerical algorithms used in bioengineering environments, and be better prepared to evaluate and judge the accuracy of the model results. Much more complex and applicable models with simulations will be introduced in this course than BMES672, since we will have access to computer simulation.